“Worship the Lord with Gladness” Essays in Honor of Frederick J. Gaiser
Mark A. Throntveit and Rolf A. Jacobson

What's Inside:

Introduction Mark A. Throntveit and Rolf A. Jacobson

Frederick J. Gaiser: A Scribe for the Kingdom
David L. Tiede

A Tribute to Frederick J. Gaiser
Mark A. Throntveit

Part I: The Bible, Health, and Healing

The Doctor Will See You Now
Walter Brueggemann

Healing and/as Salvation in the Gospel of Luke
Eric D. Barreto

“Work out your own salvation”: Wholeness of Willing and Doing in Philippians 2:12-13
James L. Boyce

“O my Soul”: Embodied and Relational Human Health
James K. Bruckner

1 Kings 17:1-24: Boot Camp!
Mark A. Throntveit

Part II: The Psalms and Worship

Faith and the Intellectual Life: A Case Study in Psalms
Diane Jacobson

Violence in the Bible’s Prayers
Terence E. Fretheim

“God has put a shir hadash in my mouth”: What is New about the “New Song”?
Karl N. Jacobson

Is the Concept of “Repentance” a Modern Imposition on the Old Testament? Psalm 51 as a Test Case
Dennis T. Olson

The Word of God as Promise in Psalms 50, 89, and 91
Rolf A. Jacobson

Israel’s Worship and the Book of Revelation
Craig R. Koester

Part III: Prophecy and Poetry

Jesus and the Servant Songs of Isaiah
Arland J. Hultgren

The Way of an Eagle in the Sky
James W. Limburg

Forgetting While Remembering:The Annunciation Type-Scene in Isaiah 40-55
Kristin J. Wendland

In Wrath, Remember Mercy: A Reading of Habakkuk
Richard Nysse

Part IV: Interpreting the Bible in a Postmodern, Global Context

Let the Reader Understand
David E. Frederickson

Learning from the Global South
Kathryn Schifferdecker

Selected Bibliography of Frederick J. Gaiser