Order Supplement Series 5 

"And God Saw That It Was Good":
Essays on Creation and God in Honor of Terence E. Fretheim
Edited by Frederick J. Gaiser and Mark A. Throntveit

American biblilcal studies have changed considerably during the lifetime of Terry Fretheim—or better, Professor Fretheim has been one of the positive agents of those changes. Fretheim's first published essay in 1967 was a technical study of Ps 132 and the Jerusalem cult. Quite a distance from that to the sweeping theological interests that mark his latest book, God and World in the Old Testament!

Terry Fretheim's model of reaching out—beyond the questions of an earlier time, beyond the boundaries of his own discipline, beyond the walls of the classroom and the seminary, beyond the internal concerns of the church—while always holding fast to the particular gift that he brings to the conversation, namely, his creative and unflinching engagement with biblical texts, will be one that this and other seminaries need to follow as we move further into this new century. 

Part I — Creation

"Ask the animals, and they will teach you"
Samuel E. Balentine

Creation and the Moral Development of God in Genesis 1-11
Bruce C. Birch

Joy and the Art of Cosmic Maintenance: An Ecology of Play in Psalm 104
William P. Brown

Playing God or Playing Earth? An Ecological Reading of Genesis 1:26-28
Norman Habel

Creating Anew: God's Resolution of a Dilemma according to Paul
Arland J. Hultgren

God's Natural Order: Genesis or Job?
Diane L. Jacobson

Loving Enemies as Being Birthed into God's Creation-Wide Family: A Homiletical Exploration of Matthew 5:38-48
Dennis T. Olson

Creation, Vocation, and Little Faith in Matthew's Gospel
Mary Hinkle Shore

The So-Called "Ten Commandments" and the Relational, Vocational Decalogue
Mark A. Throntveit

Part II — God

The God of "All Flesh"
Walter Brueggemann

"I will carry and will save": The Carrying God of Isaiah 40-66
Frederick J. Gaiser

Seen and Unseen: The Visibility of God in Exodus 25-40
Sarah S. Henrich

Praying in the Space God Creates for the World
J. Gerald Janzen

The God of "All Flesh"
Walter Brueggemann

The God of the Chronicler
Ralph W. Klein

What Does Ecclesiastes Say about God?
James W. Limburg

The Crucified Messiah and Divine Suffering in the Old Testament
Lois Malcolm

The Omniscience of God and Human Freedom
Patrick D. Miller

How Do We Decide What God is Like?
John Sanders

What Job Wanted and What God Gave
Daniel J. Simundson

"The art of power lies precisely in making another free": God's Suffering-Action in Relational Transcendence
Paul R. Sponheim