Order Supplement Series 3

The Quest for Jesus and the Christian Faith
Edited by Frederick J. Gaiser

The papers included in the volume were first presented at a conference on "The Quest for Jesus and the Christian Faith" at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota in June 1997. The conference was part of the seminary's Kairos program of continuing education. 


The Quest for Jesus and the Christian Faith: Introduction
Frederick J. Gaiser

The "Third Quest" for the Historical Jesus: Introduction and Bibliography
Mary M. Knutsen

The Use of Sources in the Quest for Jesus: What You Use Is What You Get
Arland J. Hultgren

Jesus Within His Social World: Insights from Archaeology, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology
Walter F. Taylor, Jr. 

Jesus as Wisdom in New Testament
Diane Jacobson

The Trial and Death of Historical Jesus
Donald H. Juel

Jesus and Manifest Power of God
David L. Tiede

What is Saving Work of Christ?
Sarah Henrich

The Word and Its Witness in John and 1 John: A Literay and Rhetorical Study
Paul S. Berge

Christ's Many Friends: The Presence of Jesus in 2 Corinthians 1-7
David E. Frederickson

Jesus' Resurrection as Presupposition for the New Testament
Craig R. Koester

The Quest for Jesus and the Church's Proclamation 
James L. Boyce

What Difference Does the Quest for Jesus Make for the Christian Faith
A Panel Discussion