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Martin Luther, Theologian of the Church:
Collected Essays of George W. Forell

Edited by William R. Russell

This book was designed as a gift to George Forell on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday (September 19, 1994). It is clear now, however, that the volume is really a gift from George Forell to us. And what a welcome and important gift it is: a most clear and insightful interpretation of Martin Luther and Lutheran theology for our time. 

Part I — On Luther

The Reformation and the Modern World

Faith Active in Love

Justification and Eschatology in Luther's Thought

Luther and Christian Liberty

Luther and Conscience

Luther's Conception of "Natural Orders"

The Political Use of the Law

Luther's Theology and Foreign Policy

Luther's Theology and Domestic Politics

Luther and the War against the Turks

Luther's View concerning the Imperial Foreign Policy

Luther Today


Part II — On Church and Theology

The Future of Theology in the Church

A Neglected Aspect of St. Paul's Doctrine of the Church

Eucharistic Presence as the Key to Theological Understanding

The Formula of Concord and the Teaching Ministry

The Place of Theology in the Church

Law and Gospel

Justification and Justice

Christ and Culture: Reflections and Questions

The Significance of Being Human: A Lutheran Perspective

Make Church Politics Ethical!

How to Speak about God in a Pluralistic World

Reason, Relevance, and a Radical Gospel: Hartford and the Future of Protestant Thought

The Importance of Law for Christian Sexual Ethics

Why Recall Luther Today?