Vol. 38, No 2, Spring, 2018
Publication Date:4/1/2018


"Emancipatory Potential": Women Experiencing the Gospel

L. Deane Lagerquist, Elyssa J. Salinas Lazarski

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1968: A Religious Landscape

Jennifer Hornyak Wojciechowski

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1968: Strong Winds, Earthquakes, Fire, Gentle Whispers, and the Lutheran Church's Missed Opportunity

Stephanie Bliese

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Reflections on Ministry in 1968

David W. Preus

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The Journey from 1968 to 2018

Darrell Jodock

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White Blight and the Legacy of Protestant Ecotheology

Kiara Jorgenson

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Texts in Context

Embracing Discomfort (Matthew 15:3-11)

Matthew L. Erickson

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Cancer: Personal and Professional Reflections

Ray F. Kibler III

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ELCA Ministry in Egypt: Not Your Typical Lutheran Mission

Mark Nygard

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Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting With A Loving God After Experiencing A Hurtful Church, by Carol Howard Merritt

Wondimu L. Sonessa

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Here I Walk: A Thousand Miles On Foot To Rome With Martin Luther, by Andrew Wilson

Robert Brusic

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Katie Luther, First Lady Of The Reformation: The Unconventional Life Of Katharina Von Bora, by Ruth A. Tucker

Carol A. V. R. Throntveit

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Protestants: The Faith That Made The Modern World, by Alec Ryrie

Thomas E. Long

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The End Of Protestantism: Pursuing Unity In A Fragmented Church, by Peter J. Leithart

John W. Hoyum

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The Perception of Christianity As A Rational Religion In Singapore: A Missiological Analysis of Christian Conversion, by Clive S. Chin

Samuel Y. Deressa

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