John 6:1-71—The Bread Which Gives Life to the World

Paul S. Berge

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 7/1/1985

Issue: Imagination (Vol. 5, No 3, Summer, 1985)

The three year lectionary presents difficulties for the proclaimer involved in interpreting the Fourth Gospel. Since there is not a year given to the Gospel of John, it is divided up over the three years: 11 texts in Series A; 19 texts in Series B; and 10 texts in Series C, for a total of 40 texts. This solution gives “equal time” to each of the evangelists over the three liturgical years (Matthew—41 texts in Series A, Mark—33 texts in Series B, Luke—42 texts in Series C), but does not allow the pastor to develop the portrait of Jesus in John’s Gospel as with the synoptic gospels.

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