Confirmation: Convictions and Practices

Eugene C. Kreider

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 10/1/1991

Issue: Confirmation (Vol. 11, No 4, Fall, 1991)

Two images of the church provide helpful points of reference in a discussion about confirmation ministry. One is the image of a school for Christian learning. Its focus is on instruction. The other is the image of a community in which faith is learned by living it. Its focus is on socialization—the way one learns the belief systems, values, and lifestyle patterns from those who live them within the group. ation ministry as a necessary experience in the life of the community of faith. This essay is an inquiry into the relationship between convictions regarding confirmation on the one hand and confirmation practices on the other. The inquiry will critique confirmation ministry in the church today and propose that a dialogical relation of conviction and practice can provide the best insights for enriching this ministry.

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