Making Apprentices in Discipleship: The Baptism of Adults

Dennis L. Bushkofsky

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1994

Issue: Baptism (Vol. 14, No 1, Winter, 1994)

At a minimum, adult candidates for baptism and new member prospects who have never before been members of a church need to learn (1) some of the major stories of the Bible, (2) something about prayer, (3) the church's traditions and practice of worship, and (4) forms of Christian service and stewardship through life in the community, on the job, and as a member of a congregation. Part of the learning for an adult inquirer may take place in something resembling a class; but this should not be the only vehicle for assimilation of an adult inquirer into the Christian community. Many things that the young in faith need to know may best be learned by experience and through a relationship with a mentor. Rather than looking only to a classroom model for learning about the faith, it might be better to explore the model of apprenticeship, which employs a more holistic way of learning.

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