Youth, Cultural Agency, and the Confirming of the Church's Commitment

Michael Warren

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 10/1/1991

Issue: Confirmation (Vol. 11, No 4, Fall, 1991)

The route for understanding the issues affecting youth’s call to commitment, which is in part what confirmation is about, lies in understanding youth in their social contexts, including the context of the church. My reflections here are themselves grounded in a context, that of the Roman Catholic tradition, and so the examples I use to concretize my ideas come from Roman documents. Since particularity both grounds and points to universals, I permit myself to speak in a Roman Catholic voice, in hopes that my position may be helpful to others. Before locating youth in the church, “a” church, I first locate them in culture. When the church understands well the mega-influence of culture on the young, it can then appreciate both the limitations and the possibilities of its own zone of influence.

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