Telling The Story

Vol. 39, No 4, Fall, 2019
Publication Date:12/27/2019


So What's The Problem?

Mark A. Granquist

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A Lutheran Case for Evangelism

Mark C. Mattes

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Breaking Bad Habits When Stewarding the Gospel

Mark R. Teasdale

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Catechesis: A Tool for Sharing the Gospel

Mary Jane Haemig

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Hearing the Millennials: Ministry alongside an Unchurched Generation for the Sake of the Gospel

Ryan M. Panzer

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On Mormons and Grace: Notes from the Mission Field

Katherine Langston

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Telling One's Own Story as a Means of Telling the Story

Robert Moore

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The New Testament's Gentiles and Jeremiah's Good Figs: Biblical Paradigms for God's Presence among the "Nones" and "Dones"

Judith Stack

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The Re-Wilding of Worship: A Post-Contemporary Reception

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Texts in Context

Sharing the Gospel as Witness to Jesus: Acts 1:1-11

Celia I Wolff

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A Women's History of the Christian Church: Two Thousand years of Female Leadership, by Elizabeth Gillan Muir

Jennifer Hornyak Wojciechowski

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Luther's Outlaw GOD: VOLUME 1: Hiddenness, Evil And Predestination, by Steven D. Paulson

Andrew Ronnevik

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The Hebrew Bible For Beginners: A Jewish and Christian Introduction, by Joel S. Kaminsky and Joel N. Lohr

Michael J. Chan

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The Mainline in Late Modernity: Tradition and Innovation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, by Marem Freudenberg

Leslie Weber

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The Pastor In A Secular Age: Ministry To People Who No Longer Need A God, by Andrew Root

Adam White

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