Cosmos and Creation

Ted F. Peters

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 10/1/1984

Issue: Cosmos and Creation (Vol. 4, No 4, Fall, 1984)

What should be the proper relationship between scientific cosmology and the Christian understanding of creation, especially creatio ex nihilo? What is needed to work on the answer is some understanding of how the ancient theologians actually climbed atop Jastrow’s mountain in the first place. After an examination of the admittedly thrilling discoveries relating to Big Bang research, this article shall proceed to draw a contrast between mythological and historical cosmologies. This contrast is important because it is within the framework of emerging historical consciousness that the gospel revelation occurs. It was reflection upon God’s saving work—the gospel—that led the Christian theologians of antiquity to make a commitment to creatio ex nihilo. It is this that provides the clue for unraveling the complex entanglement between scientific and religious apprehensions of the cosmos and its meaning.

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