Jesus: God's Wisdom

Pheme Perkins

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1987

Issue: Wisdom (Vol. 7, No 3, Summer, 1987)

In 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, St. Paul links the pursuit of wisdom with the Greeks. Jews seek "signs" of God's activity and power. Both, he argues, are part of the human quest for knowledge or salvation that has been rendered "folly" by God's true wisdom, Christ crucified. The Corinthians were evidently captivated by a spirituality which held that the spirit breathed into the human at creation made a union with God through wisdom possible. They seem to have concluded that Christianity had provided them with the perfection that this mystical interpretation of wisdom tradition promised. he apostle insists that salvation through the cross calls human standards of wisdom, even those grounded in religious speculation, into question. In what sense then can Christians claim that Christ embodies divine Wisdom?

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