The Common Lectionary

Hans Boehringer

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1990

Issue: Catechism and Lectionary (Vol. 10, No 1, Winter, 1990)

The accusation that interest in the worship of the church is characterized by an excess of fussiness over trivia has long plagued those who struggle to make the liturgy an authentic expression of the faith and life of God’s people—an accusation that unfortunately has sometimes been deserved. Liturgiologists are a chastened lot these days, seeking with greater humility the key to the mystery of worship. The Second Vatican Council, the great watershed in the experience of the church of our age, gave powerful support to the work of the liturgical movement. But no golden age followed; expectations have not been fulfilled in any of the great communions of faith. As a result liturgiologists have had to take great gulps of the fresh air of God’s Spirit to be able to run the long race which faces them. This is no time for fussiness in details but a time for clear thinking and true feeling. It is a time for seriousness.

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