Showing the Body

Dennis H. Ormseth

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 1/1/1986

Issue: The Land (Vol. 6, No 1, Winter, 1986)

Care for the body of Christ is a pastor’s life. Like anxious parents, clergy watch over the membership of their congregations, gathering them, nurturing them, counting their fingers and toes. They are on the alert to note marks of growth and symptoms of disease. Are the members working well together? Do the brothers and sisters love each other? Do they know who they are? How are they doing in their struggle for space? Are they aggressive enough? Sensitive enough? Smart enough? Do they have the energy needed for the tasks thrust upon them? Is the list of inactives something to worry about? Is that pain in the lower body just from too much exercise, or a sign of real trouble?

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