Wandering But Not Lost

Stanley N. Olson

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 10/1/1985

Issue: Gender across Generations (Vol. 5, No 4, Fall, 1985)

Many of the greatest themes of this age of Christianity are world-centered. Issues of justice and peace focus the concerns of those who work toward a tangible experience of God’s love for all people and insist that the church itself should reflect this goal. Liberals and evangelicals alike seek to have governments further their perceptions of God’s earthly will for humanity. The church’s long standing concern for counseling and social service ministries moves it increasingly into all areas of daily living. Christian commitments ought to be aimed toward understanding and faith in the everyday world. This emphasis has not been carried too far; rather, we have a long way to go toward full acknowledgement and appreciation of our doctrines of creation, incarnation and redemption.

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