Yahweh Is a Warrior

Richard W. Nysse

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1987

Issue: The Search for God (Vol. 7, No 2, Spring, 1987)

God's association with war in the Old Testament has been a problem for the Judeo- Christian heritage for a long time. It has figured prominently in Christian anti-Semitism and in Christian movements that are decidedly other- worldly and latently if not openly Marcionite in character. The Yahweh-is-a-Warrior theme has also caused trouble for Christian apologists who refuse to apologize for the Old Testament when addressing those who claim a higher moral sensitivity than that of the "obviously" inferior and primitive biblical heritage. If for no other reason, it must be dealt with to remind Christians constantly that their use of the theme has in fact had disastrous effects (e.g., the Crusades). It has been, to state it plainly, a source of sin for Christians.

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