Given Feminism, Does Theology Need a New Starting Point?

Karen L. Bloomquist

Article Type: Face to Face

Publication Date: 10/1/1988

Paired Article (Face to Face): Given Feminism, Does Theology Need a New Starting Point?

Issue: Feminism (Vol. 8, No 4, Fall, 1988)

Feminist theology is not unique in giving primacy to the role of human experience in the theological endeavor, but it is distinctive in how it understands and draws upon experience and in the way it critiques and re-forms theology and action in light of that experience. Feminist theology critiques those theologies that purport to be based on Scripture and confessions in a way that is separable from human experience and action. The presumed “universality” or “revealed truth” of such theologies actually masks the particular perspectives and interests embedded within them, which have been pervasively male dominant. Any theological method which implicitly isolates and privileges the experience of Western white males as absolute and applicable to all human persons is steadfastly challenged by feminist theology.

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