Preaching the Catechism

James Arne Nestingen

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1990

Issue: Catechism and Lectionary (Vol. 10, No 1, Winter, 1990)

Speaking of the Small Catechism’s place in recent American Lutheran congregational life, Gerhard Frost, longtime professor of catechetics at Luther Seminary, once remarked, “For years, the catechism glowered at us menacingly. Then it went behind trees and hid, peeking out occasionally. Now we’re hoping that it will come out and smile again.” The purpose of this essay is to see the catechism smile—to listen to it preach—and then to consider preaching its own paradigm for the hearer both within and beyond the Christian community. This will involve, first of all, considering the preaching of the catechism itself and secondly, reflection on ways in which the catechism can serve current preaching.

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