Reconciliation with Nature

Jürgen Moltmann

Article Type: Perspective

Publication Date: 4/1/1991

Issue: The Environment (Vol. 11, No 2, Spring, 1991)

The destruction of the environment, which we perpetrate through the present world economy, will seriously endanger the survival of humanity, at the latest in the 21st century. Modern industrial society has knocked the organism of the earth out of balance, and we are heading towards universal ecological death, if we cannot change the development. Is transformation of industrial societies or the ecological reintegration of human civilization into the nature of earth’s organism still possible? What can churches and the faithful contribute? I believe that the ecological crisis in nature today is, at the same time, a religious crisis of the Western world. The first part of this essay explains how this is so. The second then offers three perspectives from biblical and Christian traditions which can overcome this two-fold crisis.

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