Listening to John and Paul on the Subject of Gospel and Scripture

J. Louis Martyn

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1992

Issue: Luke-Acts (Vol. 12, No 1, Winter, 1992)

I do know that there are other ways of reading early Christian texts, and some of those ways are, I think, helpful. I have learned—even in my old age—from scholars whose exegetical stance is different from my own. At the moment, however, I am concerned simply to point out that lying in wait for every interpreter is the omnipresent and dangerously unconscious tendency to domesticate the text, to cage the wild tiger. Every serious interpreter, therefore, is looking for an antidote to that domesticating tendency. In my judgment a truly powerful antidote has been given to us in the heritage that has come our way from Walter Bauer and from Ferdinand Christian Baur.

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