Faith, Work, and Economic Structures

Richard Luecke

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1984

Issue: Working (Vol. 4, No 2, Spring, 1984)

If the traditional counsels of faith concerning human work are not also brought to the economic structures which both create work and cause worklessness, those glowing and cautionary precepts are likely to take on a ghostly quality. Traditioned people may continue to write, preach, and career counsel in terms of personal and communal meanings of work. Others, with an equal show of right, may line up with whoever is lining up for more jobs, wages, or benefits. But all this can take place while economic structures themselves become such as render classical theological distinctions between work, action, and contemplation—or between the one call and the many callings—simply less and less applicable. Some judge that this is now the case.

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