Recent Books on Preaching

Richard Lischer

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1987

Paired Article (Face to Face): Tambourines to the Glory of God: From the Monarchy of God the Father to the Monotheism of God the Great Mysterious

Issue: Justification and Justice (Vol. 7, No 1, Winter, 1987)

Preaching is the church’s oldest profession and its most important activity. Homiletics is critical reflection on that activity. Once away from seminary preachers rarely have the opportunity for professional supervision and evaluation—in short, for a continuing course in homiletics. What critical help they receive comes from articles, sermons, tapes, and books on preaching. These have been so plentiful in the last decade that the working pastor may not know where to begin reading. Since preaching integrates so many theological and practical tasks, it is the ideal locus around which the pastor may organize his or her continuing education. The preaching task is in reality a variety of tasks ranging from exegesis and hermeneutics to rhetoric and pastoral care. The best way to enter the extensive literature in homiletics and to shape one’s own program of enrichment is to identify the area of greatest need or interest and to begin there.

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