The Fourth Gospel in a Three-Year Lectionary

Craig R. Koester

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1990

Issue: Catechism and Lectionary (Vol. 10, No 1, Winter, 1990)

The Gospel of John does not march in step with the other gospels. Perhaps this is why the framers of the three-year lectionary now used by many Christian churches found it so difficult to domesticate John. The readings from Matthew, Mark, and Luke proceed in measured pace, one gospel per year, while the Fourth Gospel appears sporadically throughout the lectionary, claiming a premier role on festival days, dominating the Easter season, and making occasional guest appearances. Yet since there is no “Year of John,” those who preach from the lectionary face the formidable task of capturing this “maverick” gospel1 without the opportunity for an extended pursuit over a twelve-month period. This interpretive challenge is the focus of our work here.

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