Science in the Bible

Rolf P. Knierim

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1993

Issue: Faith, Science, Technology (Vol. 13, No 3, Summer, 1993)

This essay focuses on science in the Bible, not science and the Bible—on the presence and role of science in the Bible itself rather than on the relation of modern science and the Bible. This focus is important because the scientific aspect is just as much a part of the religious nature of the Bible as the religious aspect is inevitable in modern science. Science as well as faith, faith as well as science, belong both to the Bible and to our own time. As we need clarity about the relationship of faith and science in our own time, we need clarity about the relationship between faith and science in the Bible itself—not about faith in the Bible as opposed to science today. And since we normally speak about the Bible as a book of faith, we especially need greater clarity about the role of science in the faith of the biblical generations.

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