A Sense of Presence: The Religious Experience of Jesus and of Christians

Geffrey B. Kelly

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1981

Issue: Experience and Christian Faith (Vol. 1, No 3, Summer, 1981)

It is not my aim in this article, even were I able, to bring enough brightness into that twilight haze of our religious life that all the shades of what might be called the "sacred" or "holy" might fully be illuminated. My purpose is, rather, more modestly, to offer a personal analysis of religious experience, drawing particular inferences from the life of Jesus, and to suggest some ways in which one may discern the authenticity at least of that religious experience claimed to be Christian. However inadequate this may prove, I would hope that, in reflecting on the possible presence of the ìdivineî in life, we still affirm the "shadows" and the paradoxes even as we interpret the "shapes" of religious experience within the light of certain scriptural, theological and phenomenological clarifications.

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