Baptism—Plastic Flowers in the Holy Water

George M. Bass

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 10/1/1987

Issue: The Ministry of the Baptized (Vol. 7, No 4, Fall, 1987)

For countless years, many Christians have been overlooking the theological profundities and pastoral implications of baptism as the first and principal sacrament of the church. Baptism has become a perfunctory rite for numerous church members; the Eucharist is the significant sacrament, especially with the contemporary emphasis on more frequent communion. Many main-line Protestant denominations have almost become one- sacrament churches. Controversies over “believer’s baptism” and “the baptism of the Holy Spirit” have done little to restore baptism to its rightful place in the lives of believers. The “plastic flowers” remain in the fonts, if not the stoups, of churches; biblical study and theological reflection are necessary to remove them and restore baptism to its proper place in the worship and daily lives of Christians

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