Divestment in South Africa? A Mis-Guided Missile

Thomas L. Basich

Article Type: Face to Face

Publication Date: 10/1/1990

Paired Article (Face to Face): Divestment in South Africa? Yes... But..

Issue: Christ and Culture(s) (Vol. 10, No 4, Fall, 1990)

“For every human problem,” H. L. Mencken said, “there’s an answer that’s clear, simple, and wrong.” Boards of pensions of church denominations, for example that of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, have been facing increasing pressures from their constituencies demanding that they sell all stocks and bonds in companies doing business directly or indirectly in South Africa as a way of ending apartheid in South Africa. It is clear that apartheid is evil and must end. However, for a number of reasons, divestment is “an answer that’s clear, simple, and wrong.”

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