God's Faithfulness to the Faithless People: Trends in Interpretation of Luke-Acts

Jacob Jervell

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1992

Issue: Luke-Acts (Vol. 12, No 1, Winter, 1992)

This question about the Christian opinion of Israel was raised again and again by Christian theologians and writers in the second and third Christian centuries. The question about the fate of Israel was not solved at that time. The opinions differed. Was Israel condemned by God and replaced by the church, the new Israel? Or was there in the end of times a hope for the salvation of the totality of the old people of God? What do we actually mean when talking about “Israel”? For years interpreters found a solution in Luke-Acts and its Heilsgeschichte: Israel was bygone history, something of the past; the church of the gentiles continued the history of the old people, but was something completely different. The question of the fate of Israel was not a burning one for Luke, the historian.

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