We Sing Mary's Song

Bonnie Jensen

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1987

Issue: Justification and Justice (Vol. 7, No 1, Winter, 1987)

Martin Luther sent a letter to Prince John Frederick, Duke of Saxony, introducing his commentary on the Magnificat. Luther said that it is a fine custom to sing the Magnificat at Vespers each night. He commended the Magnificat to Prince John Frederick saying that it “ought to be learned and kept in mind by all who would rule well and be helpful lords.” Each time we sing the Magnificat, we proclaim to each other what sort of God we believe in and especially, as Luther says, how God deals with those of low and high degree. Luther says we sing it for three reasons: (1) to strengthen our faith; (2) to comfort the lowly; and (3) to terrify the mighty. We will look at these reasons in reverse order.

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