Clergywomen and the Future

Martha Long Ice

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 10/1/1988

Issue: Feminism (Vol. 8, No 4, Fall, 1988)

In a recently completed in-depth study of seventeen clergywomen1 I documented the women’s perceptions of the ways they came into the ministry, are dealing with social expectations, and are doing their ministerial tasks. I wanted to know what their worlds of personal and professional reality look like to them and how such worldviews compare to major aspects of an emerging worldview paradigm described by many “futurist” social thinkers as currently gathering momentum and required for species survival. The study has four major elements: (1) an extensive review of the literature of futuristic social thought; (2) a summary of generally accepted conclusions from the literature on gender differentiation; (3) a phenomenological study of seventeen clegywomen; and (4) a comparison and integration of findings from the three areas of inquiry.

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