Slogans in the Midst of Crisis: Jeremiah and His Adversaries

Rodney R. Hutton

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1990

Issue: Church Talk: Slogans and Shibboleths (Vol. 10, No 3, Summer, 1990)

Human beings take recourse to slogans in order to consolidate and simplify what is often a scattered and complicated view of reality. In the midst of crisis, however, reality can be “chunked” into various configurations, and integrity can be salvaged in different ways. There are at least three ways of “chunking” such crisis moments: to explain the present situation as due to one’s own behavior, to explain the situation as due to someone else’s behavior, or to explain the situation as due to no one’s behavior. The least satisfying is the last of the three: to adopt slogans which view the present as the chaoti

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