Plain Talk from the Pew

Edna H. Hong

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1983

Issue: Piety (Vol. 3, No 2, Spring, 1983)

As a lay person I have no authority to tell anyone how to preach. But I can say that there is a singular correspondence between the word spoken from the pulpit and my need. I can speak of what I need to hear from the pulpit. What I need to hear.No, I do not care about the externalities of you or your presentation. Like the poet George Herbert, I do not mind picking out treasures from an earthen pot. For all I down there in the pew care, you can split infinitives and dangle participles. What I want, what I need, is that you speak as one authorized by Christ and commanded by God. Talk as if you are his messenger. Talk as one whose head and heart is brimful of your message. Talk as one who feels the urgency of the news you are bringing to me down there in the pew.

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