The Goal of Ecumenism: A Celebration of Differences

Roy A. Harrisville

Article Type: Face to Face

Publication Date: 1/1/1992

Paired Article (Face to Face): The Goal of Ecumenism: A Unified Witness

Issue: Luke-Acts (Vol. 12, No 1, Winter, 1992)

Where I was raised or worked, the number of Christians of all persuasions gathered together for the purpose of witnessing to their “oneness in Christ” never equalled the number of each in its own place. The “ecumenical rule” appeared to be that the sum of the whole was never equal to its parts. On occasion, the local Roman Catholic priest would be involved, even to the point of making his sanctuary available—naturally, upon removal of the “host,” which, of course, rendered the place a plain vanilla meeting hall, and so much for ecumenism.

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