The Old Testament: A Heresy Continued?

Hemchand Gossai

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1988

Issue: The Lure of Heresy (Vol. 8, No 2, Spring, 1988)

We have a problem when it comes to the use of the Old Testament in the church. We have found a variety of ways of overlooking or de-emphasizing or simply dismissing the Old Testament and its inherent value for the church. The church, for the most part, is content with having the Old Testament simply “being there.” But others who have encountered deeper difficulties have actively sought to eliminate the Old Testament altogether from the Christian canon. There is an apparent distrust of this body of literature which happens to be the sacred text of Judaism, which for many Christians is an “alien religion.” This distrust, however, is not something unique to the contemporary church; in some ways the church has inherited it and has chosen to continue this distrust in covert ways.

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