Partners in Ministry: Men and Women

Stephanie K. Frey, Lawrence R. Wohlrabe

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 10/1/1988

Paired Article (Face to Face): Partners in Ministry: Men and Women

Issue: Feminism (Vol. 8, No 4, Fall, 1988)

The full acceptance of the leadership of ordained women at all levels must indeed remain a front-burner agenda item for the church. Whether or not this necessarily means moving more women into traditional senior pastorates of multiple-staff congregations, however, is an assumption which needs to be tested in the light of a biblical vision of the nature of ecclesiastical power—a vision which is lifted up in the understanding of the office of Word and sacrament provided in the Lutheran confessions. It is our intention in the remainder of this article to describe how we came together in ministry, how we have shaped our ministry, how we have been both challenged and supported in our ministry, and how we have been reflecting on our ministry from our unique perspectives as a man and woman who are “equal, but not the same.”

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