Reconciled in Christ: Ministry in Light of Ephesians

Wendell W. Frerichs

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 7/1/1988

Issue: Our National Self-Understanding (Vol. 8, No 3, Summer, 1988)

Ephesians is worth two months of study and reflection for what it has to say about ministry if not for what it specifically has to offer for preaching. Whether counseling or teaching, administering or evangelizing (see 4:11), there is much here to shape our ministries. The one who wrote this knew that his ministry to the intended recipients was God-ordained. Yes, more than that, he had received a revelation concerning a heavenly mystery, God’ s election of gentiles to share in Israel’s inheritance through Christ. Such good news could not be kept. It was meant to be shared, and so Paul became an evangelist to gentiles.

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