To Expand Our Ministry

William E. Diehl

Article Type: Perspective

Publication Date: 10/1/1987

Issue: The Ministry of the Baptized (Vol. 7, No 4, Fall, 1987)

It is true. The overwhelming majority of members of our churches are dualists. We speak of things sacred and things secular, of body and soul, of spiritual and material, of Sunday and Monday. In spite of everything Luther said about the universal priesthood of all the baptized, most of us are convinced that to be a clergy person is more pleasing in the eyes of God than to be a layperson. And, I might add, unfortunately there are some clergy who share that conviction. If all God’s people are called into Christian service, then we must find ways to break down the walls of dualism and equip and support our members for their ministries in and to the world.

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