The Gospel Texts for Advent (Series B)

Wendell R. Debner

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 10/1/1993

Issue: Biblical Interpretation for Christian Ministry (Vol. 13, No 4, Fall, 1993)

The Advent season can be a meaningful and poignant time, an occasion to reflect on our values and sense of purpose. The darkness of the winter solstice reminds us of the limitations of light and life. In the midst of holiday preparation and sales campaigns, the Advent season is an appropriate time to remember the incarnation and God’s promise to return. If a preacher wishes to develop a series of sermons for Advent, three themes are found in all of the four Series B gospel texts. These are: (1) the Trinity, (2) the activity of the Holy Spirit, and (3) the meaning of time.

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