On the Welfare of Children

Shannon P. Daley

Article Type: Perspective

Publication Date: 1/1/1995

Issue: Children (Vol. 15, No 1, Winter, 1995)

Today, our hearts weep for our nation's children. How can we be comforted when America’s children are in such peril? Every Sunday morning, as we wake up and get ready to go to church, 100,000 American children wake up homeless. Every 32 seconds, about the time it takes to say the Lord’s prayer, an- other American baby is born into poverty. Every 14 minutes, while we listen to the sermon, another baby dies in America. Every 64 seconds, while we “pass the peace” in church, another American baby is born to a teenage mother. And every 13 hours, before we say our prayers and go to bed, another American preschooler is murdered. The unconscionable fact is that today we are leaving millions of our children behind.

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