Promise Keepers: We, Maybe; God, Certainly

Charles R. Bruning

Article Type: Face to Face

Publication Date: 1/1/1996

Paired Article (Face to Face): Promise Keepers: A Call to Faithfulness

Issue: The Edges of Life (Vol. 16, No 1, Winter, 1996)

My own participation with and conversations about Promise Keepers have made me very aware of men’s need for care and support during this time of social transition. The church needs to respond. Many Christian men have had this mountain-top experience. Where do they go afterwards? To the traditional men’s program in their churches? Hardly! But where will they go after the promises have been made—further, what happens when a promise is broken? What are men saying when they respond as they have to these movements? Can a hierarchical church structure respond quickly enough? When men return to our congregations, are we able to acknowledge their enthusiasm and tap into it in such away that the energy will multiply? The promises generate energy and a potential for synergy. But what happens when a promise is broken? After all we are sinful beings.

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