1987 Academy Films: Invitations to Hope

Doug Wallace

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1988

Issue: Our National Self-Understanding (Vol. 8, No 3, Summer, 1988)

Bits and pieces of flickering forms dancing on a screen. They shape moments of suffering, struggle, and joy into a play of images that, when they are at their best, tug and pull on the sleeves of our souls. For some, good films are like great novels of old, exploring and mirroring the stories of our human dilemma. Often in urban anonymity, they grasp us like dark shadows of shared experiences that momentarily tempt us with new ways of discerning what can speak to our troubles. For me, they are also a rich rehearsal of the mystery of God’s Spirit at work in all of creation; they can trigger shame, sadness, and celebration, inviting us to be touched by moments of grace born in broken people and in the most painful and joyous events of our lives. They are invitations to hope.

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