Psalm 109: Three Times 'Steadfast Love

Walter Brueggemann

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1985

Issue: The Psalms (Vol. 5, No 2, Spring, 1985)

In its main assertions, the book of Psalms divides into hymns of praise and songs of complaint and lament.1 For most of us, this second group is much more difficult theologically and liturgically, because those psalms articulate themes that are not congenial to popular and habitual religious notions. This essay argues a) that these psalms are an undeniable part of serious piety and liturgy in the Psalter and cannot be ignored, and b) they are crucial resources for faith and for pastoral activity in our own time. Psalm 109 is considered as an extreme case of the meaning and value of such resources.

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