The Megachurch: Who We Are Shapes What We Do

John H. Tietjen

Article Type: Face to Face

Publication Date: 10/1/1993

Paired Article (Face to Face): The Megachurch: Doing What Needs to Be Done

Issue: Biblical Interpretation for Christian Ministry (Vol. 13, No 4, Fall, 1993)

Let’s make the case right up front. There is no virtue in being big or small. In any discussion of issues raised by megachurch, church growth, or entertainment evangelism there is a critical standard to be applied: Christians come together to be what they are. We must therefore applaud the emphasis in megachurch, church growth, and entertainment evangelism to welcome the stranger, to embrace the seeker, to meet the needs of the outsider. Christians are people in mission, and they come together to be a people in mission. Outreach to those outside their community is integral to their mission.

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