The Kings of the Gentiles and the Leader Who Serves: Luke 22:24-30

David L. Tiede

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1992

Issue: Luke-Acts (Vol. 12, No 1, Winter, 1992)

Gandhi and Martin Luther King startled the twentieth century by explicating the non-violent method for change implicit in the Sermon on the Mount. They were not reluctant about power, but their mode revealed the desperation of brute force. The leader who serves also presents a transforming vision of legitimate authority, where strength perfected in weakness is proved by God to be genuine power. Luke’s portrait of Jesus’ dominion is a definitive presentation of the model. This vision of authority is part of the saving gospel of what God has done. God’s way of ruling sets a new standard and yields evangelical wisdom concerning the legitimate exercise of power.

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