The Climb toward God

Frederick Sontag

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1991

Issue: Death and Resurrection (Vol. 11, No 1, Winter, 1991)

The major difficulty along the way of our religious quest, of course, is that almost all agree that God is never seen with the naked eye. Thus, we are always dealing with a divine indirection which makes the use of symbols and analogies a continued necessity. Many object to this lack of concrete verification and find it impossible to accept. Still, new pilgrims continually appear and find themselves intrigued with the attempt to find God. Life presents many challenges, but surely the climb toward God remains one of the most daring. How can one look for a divinity who cannot be seen or search for a God who has announced that a direct approach is impossible and may result in death? Even God’s reported actions and communications vary. They come to us through selected instruments, never directly, and thus are still hard to discern today.

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