The Uses of Experience in Recent Theology

Lee E. Snook

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1981

Issue: Experience and Christian Faith (Vol. 1, No 3, Summer, 1981)

Religious pluralism, which of course is not new in the history of Christianity's encounter with human cultures, will usually have the effect of challenging the religious truth claims of any one of the traditions, but it is not so clear to me that the theological responses can be so neatly categorized as Peter Berger makes it appear. For him there are only three ways of doing theology in a pluralistic context: the deductive way of Barth and neo-orthodoxy, the reductive way of Bultmann and de-mythologizing, and the inductive way of Schleiermacher and the argument from experience. In this article I propose a different roster of the theological players and I have organized them into representative samples of six different "teams." The labels which I have given them have been enclosed with marks in order to indicate that these tags are to be interpreted rather loosely as befits any typology.

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