Interpreting Luke's Theodicy for Fearful Christians

Lee E. Snook

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 7/1/1983

Issue: The Old Testament and the New (Vol. 3, No 3, Summer, 1983)

What is the connection between Luke’s narrative and the lives of those who interpret his theodicy today? The answer seems fairly obvious: fear. Christians today live in a nation that is afraid. Church leaders are fearful and anxious, too, as memberships decline and the church’s influence seems to dwindle in our cities and towns. If we are afraid, so was the writer of Luke-Acts. His world was threatened, uncertain, unravelling. Whether he was Jewish or not, he identified himself with this defeated, divided people. The shame which they felt as a vanquished populace was symbolized by the destruction of the Temple. Luke’s writing is a gospel for a fearful people.

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