Transformed for Disciple Community: Matthew in Pentecost

James L. Boyce

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 7/1/1993

Issue: Faith, Science, Technology (Vol. 13, No 3, Summer, 1993)

“Are you the one who is to come or do we keep looking for another?” (Matt 11:3). Though placed in the mouth of the Baptist, it is certainly the overwhelming effect of Matthew’s narrative to invite every hearer of the gospel story to share this question. What do we make of this Jesus, and how will we respond to him? The preacher in the second half of Pentecost does well to keep this focal question continually in view. A constant recollection of the journey thus far in the year of Matthew will facilitate our vision of the way in which this question has shaped and guided the unfolding response of the hearer to Matthew’s narrative.

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