Intentional Community and Spiritual Development

John Schramm

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1988

Issue: Spirituality and Community (Vol. 8, No 1, Winter, 1988)

At first glance the title seems to be the mixture of a past era and the newest fad. It does seem that intentional communities faded when the hippie communes and the new attempts at utopian dreams passed out of sight. Too many of the experiments ended with burnout or the opposite fate of spacing out. But if the communal phenomenon has faded, could there be any more “in” word than spirituality? The quest for and experience of community has genuine, biblical, healthy aspects. In fact, there is good reason to state the need for experiences of community, especially in our cultural assumption of individualism. It is equally valid to make a case for spirituality being the full expression of the work of God’s Spirit and therefore always having reference to the essence of faithfulness in any age.

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