Interpreting the Book of Revelation

Lowell J. Satre

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1984

Issue: 1984 (Vol. 4, No 1, Winter, 1984)

In a day when most horrors of this book can be matched or exceeded on our planet, and when many are wondering whether we shall make it through 1984, let alone till 2,000, Revelation leaps into relevance. The Lamb slain for all has conquered, on a cross. By this cross his disciples are conquerors, hanging tough in the testimony of Jesus—to the death if need be. Only God is Lord. “Worship God!” (22:9). Blessed are the conquering, for life with God is theirs forever with all their sisters and brothers whose robes are laundered white in the slain Lamb’s blood!

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